SLYPEE megastore is a content market place which enables your customers to benefit from a wide range of contents: games, apps, music, RBT.

The solution brings you sustainable additional revenues; thanks to a revenue share model. To promote SLYPEE and its contents, we will let you enjoy our very substantial promotional budget (typically 1 M$ for a 15M subscribers Telco) to quickly generate several million dollars in revenue.

SLYPEE interface is very simple and friendly. It can be used to promote your own contents. It is directly interfaced to your services to implement RBT for instance very easily. As an Over-The-Top platform, SLYPEE is very simple to integrate in your network. We just need a billing interface to connect to your network.

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How it Works
Key Features
  • Every user can navigate on the SLYPEE web / wap / apps and download contents ( over 6000 apps, 5000 games, 50000 music contents, 4000 RBT
  • Every download, even free, requires to be registered first in order to develop the SLYPEE community.
  • Registering on SLYPEE for 3 months or 1 year may be free or charged, depending on the formula chosen.
  • Pay registering is typically 1$ every 3 month or 3$ every year.
  • Micro-payment is possible even for small amounts. The subscriber will be charged a small amount every day, week or month.
  • Popularity of the SLYPEE site allows interesting ads revenues.
  • All SLYPEE revenues thanks to subscriptions charged downloads and ads monetizing are shared with you.
Operator Benefits
  • New VAS revenues thanks to a revenue and ads share model.
  • A multiplatform market place directly connected to your billing system.
  • A secure and scalable platform based on MSISDN recognition.
  • Promotion by SLYPEE of your core services.
  • Access to our proved marketing methods and our huge promotional budget, gratis for you.
  • Marketing buzz: A dynamic and differencing image.
  • A community spirit: prizes, leader boards.
  • Installment billing system to address subscribers with low or no credit on their balance.
  • An easy integration to your network, just by the billing interface
Subscribers’ Benefits
  • A friendly megastore with both world premium and local contents.
  • A simple click to rate and download contents.
  • Available on all platforms from the desktop to the tablet or phone.
  • Ability to select your type of device in order to download only compatible contents.
  • A contextual suggestion engine that provides you limitless fun navigation on the store.
  • No credit card or bank account needed, low subscription fees.
  • Installment and micro-payment facilities.
  • A history of all your transactions and ability to check downloads.
  • A community spirit: social media connectivity, Leader board, point and rewards to win credit, phones, TV sets
  • Access to community games, promotions
Privacy Policy
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