LinkIT brings full Managed-Services and Software as a Service competence for your IT needs, letting you focus on your business.


SMS Blast 360 is a Short Messaging Service that features interactive and user-friendly user interface: easy to use, easy to manage and easy to monitor. SMS Blast 360 integrates smoothly with your business applications using standard API. SMS Blast 360 will support high mobility users with multiple channels connection: Web Application, Mobile Web, Email, FTP, API, iPhone, Blackberry and J2ME.

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Key Benefit

    • Wide coverage support
    • Multiple sending Channels
    • Large Phonebook
    • High throughput
    • Comprehensive SMS campaign analytics


Key Features

    • Advanced Scheduling
    • Reseller Program
    • Agent Program
    • On demand Services
    • Advanced messaging campaign control



LINKIT360 MANAGED SERVICES– With the development and advancement of IT technology very quickly especially in an IT application, it takes experts in maintaining high levels of reliability and efficiency requires advanced technical know-how, which these costs are very expensive. In business perspective is not efficient.
Our 24/7 engineering support continuously monitors your entire system to ensure it runs optimally. With no upfront investment, you enjoy savings in manpower, training and management of resources, and with these necessities in our care, you can now focus on what is really important for your business growth.


Service Level Management


    • Monitoring service components Activity


    • Service Level Reporting


    • Quality Assurance to third party and subcontracted


    • SLA calculation & penalty





Escalation & Reporting


    • Availability Report


    • System Report


    • Performance Report


    • Escalation procedures & matrix


    • Escalation non-compliance third party SLA





Backup & Recovery


    • Maintain backup & file recovery


    • Backup to all server functions


    • Backup & Recovery Procedure


    • Proper labeling, ageing and recycling backup


    • Recovery plan, action & post recovery from appropriate point of time





Capacity Management


    • Provide report related to demand/usage on various infrastructure assets


    • Advice needs for additional capacity


    • Monitor system utilization, capacity limit


    • Monitor and validate capacity forecast




Release Management


    • Plan, configure and test all h/w and s/w prior to release for live environment.


    • Communicate change implementation to affected user and third parties


    • Obtain approval prior to changes taken





Maintenance Management


    • Perform routine maintenance during regular period scheduled.


    • Provide prior notice of regular and emergency maintenance.





Change Management


    • Implement Change Management process & procedure.


    • Assess risk & change impact and process approval in response to change request





Vendor Management


    • Conduct evaluation & testing involving third party product & service


    • Support & coordinate as necessary with client’s IT function & third party vendor


    • Responsible for all license aspects for renewal/additional with third party


    • Support & coordinate for any found defect materials with third party & vendors





Request Management


    • Track, resolve and manage all requests.


    • Record all requests into Trouble Ticket System